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                Ekosep was found in 2006 on an environmental goal: to produce, assemble and sell the dewatering machine series for sludge thickening, mud scraper of non-metal chains, sludge stock bin, sludge drying system and other environmental protection equipments of EKOSEP brand.
              Our staff has the experience, intellect, and enthusiasm to provide the quality service anywhere. [ More ]

              Non-metallic chain plate type sludge&nbs…

              D-T type drum thickener

              LS10B-H Multi-functional belt type integ…

              LS10B-S Multi-functional belt type integ…

              LS10B-T Multi-functional belt type integ…

              LS10B-D series sludge concentrating and&…

              LS10B-TM heavy fully enclosed sludge&nbs…

              Full automatic dosing device

              Automatic feeding device for lime

              Flocculation mixer

              Shaft-less screw conveyor

              Belt type sludge drying device

              Sludge feed bin

              Sliding frame feed bin

              The lime milk preparation device

              Lime drying equipment

              Jiangxi Lianyi sludge scraper project
              Nantong Cellulose Fibers Co., Ltd. sludge bel…
              Jiangyin Helen petrochemical sludge dewaterin…
              Sinopec Shijiazhuang refinery branch sludge b…
              Taicang Xin Lian Metal Co., Ltd.
              Tongxiang Zhejiang sludge dewatering project
              Zhejiang Haining Ziguang water affairs sludge…
              Sinopec Zhenhai sludge drying project
              Jiaxing Guan Jing gang waterworks 120m³ …
              800m³ underground slip type sludge bin o…